18 And Abused Free – Protecting Victims Under the Age of 18

18 And Abused Free

Children who experience abuse without having their stories heard can develop serious emotional, social and mental health problems in adulthood. 18 And Abused Free is designed to protect those under 18 from being mistreated; closing “consent loopholes”, clarifying definitions and strengthening penalties against abusers as well as extending statute of limitation limits so survivors may pursue justice as adults.

Children who abuse are often family members or trusted figures within their environment; such as coaches, youth program volunteers or religious leaders. It’s therefore critical that all adults recognize the signs of child abuse and know how to report any suspected cases of misconduct immediately.

DFPS provides a secure website to report allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation that might compromise the welfare of children, adults with disabilities or people 65 years old or over. Reports made through this platform are reviewed by local DFPS investigators before being passed on for immediate investigations; unfortunately this system cannot handle emergencies or immediate situations.