About Le_Chan

Le Chan was an instrumental force in founding An Bien hamlet (Haiphong now). Her bravery and noble character earned her the moniker “Tuyn mc c”, or the Lady General of An Bien. Haiphongers regard Le Chan as their tutelary spirit – for instance when faced with Chinese troops attacking local communities they turned to her to fight them and protect them.

In 42AD, Le Chan led her Trung Sisters troops against Chinese incursion. With her army having recaptured sixty-five citadels thanks to Le Chan’s heroic leadership, she realized they would eventually lose and decided on suicide; with baby in arms she plunged herself into Hat river as she sacrificed herself thereby saving many lives and maintaining her virginity for eternity.

People named Le Chan tend to be detectives who are eager to uncover life’s mysteries. With an innate thirst for knowledge and truth that leads them into exploring scientific matters, philosophy, mysticism and mystic beliefs. Their clear and determined minds can lead them toward career success; however they must distinguish between reality and illusion when making career decisions. Additionally, Le Chans possess strong desires to care for others so it is crucial that their needs are balanced against those of family and friends.