Aleja Storm – A Compelling Actor

Aleja Storm

Aleja Storm possesses a distinctive style combining martial arts, acrobatic skills and comedic timing that has earned her over 200 music videos for artists such as Jet Li, Samo Hung, Kelly Hu Sir Ben Kingsley and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. Additionally she has appeared in feature films with action roles due to her martial arts expertise and acrobatic ability.

Storm was shy and socially awkward as a child, turning to break dancing as a means of fitting in with her peers as a form of therapy. Break dancing soon become one of her passions and became world class competitively. Through break dancing she quickly rose through the ranks to compete globally – an accomplishment which eventually lead her into acting alongside such notables as Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Michael Madsen.

Storm began her career acting in Monogram Pictures’ Frankie Darro series and other films as an ingenue. However, during the late 1940s she transitioned into more dramatic roles and quickly became one of Monogram’s top stars, appearing in films such as 1944’s Crime Smasher before ultimately retiring in 1972.

Storm’s story provides one of the most gripping and credible accounts of violent Islamic extremism and intelligence community efforts to combat it, while simultaneously painting an unflattering portrait of intelligence officers themselves; from MI5’s unsavory affair with PET through Danish police hard drinking to arrogant CIA, neither the Islamists or spooks come off particularly well in this narrative; nevertheless it makes for riveting reading and appears to have been thoroughly tested by multiple sources.