Annie22love – Who is Annie22love?

Annie22love, or Annie for short, is a model who is well-known online as she is both active on social media and an established TikTok star with over 300 followers on each account. In an interview, Annie shared some stunning details about her personal life – like working a corporate job that earned around $70,000 annually before turning to OnlyFans as she faced financial struggles; unfortunately her boss found out about this side job and she lost it.

Annie was born December 9, 1998 in Melbourne, Australia. She is an attractive young woman with an attractive petite body, small boobs and jade green eyes; an intriguing personality; extremely sexy qualities and open about discussing romantic relationships on Instagram and TikTok accounts.

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She can speak English, German and Spanish – her only rule being having an open mind and letting her dirty mind take care of itself.