Anonymous Maine Nudes – Two Sisters Fight Back Against Anonymous Maine Nudes

Madison Conradis, 24, was taken aback when she saw naked photos of herself online when searching for employment and felt as if someone were stalking her. When her employer told her to go to police with proof, Christine, recently passed the bar exam herself, studied cybercrimes laws that may help.

The sisters set up a Facebook page in support of and to collect information on those responsible for spreading her photographs online anonymously, such as 4chan users who keep reposting her images. Although some pages were successfully removed by law enforcement authorities, others still keep popping up again and again despite efforts made to remove them. They plan to open discovery so they can subpoena the websites and service providers involved.

Attributing intimate images of another without their consent can be considered illegal activity, yet many don’t realize that photos they share for fun may still constitute nonconsensual pornography and violate people’s privacy rights, causing emotional distress.