Badteen Cams (Movie Review)

Badteen Cams

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Parents often are unaware of the serious repercussions arising from teens posting inappropriate content online, yet these images and activities on social media could have significant ramifications for their child’s wellbeing. CareerBuilder conducted a study demonstrating this trend: 51% of employers turned down an otherwise qualified job applicant due to what was seen on their social media pages.

Badteen Cams follows Lola (Melora Walters), an attractive yet slim teenage girl, as she earns money by seducing online viewers with scantily-clad scantily clad body language on webcam. Unfortunately, it can be dangerous work as some regular viewers may not be who they seem; some predators even try to exploit her by forcing explicit photos and videos onto her while other are simply jealous of the attention Lola receives from viewers.

Apart from its sexual content, this film is deeply disturbing because it promotes an environment in which exhibitionism no longer has any stigma and public displays of bodies and possessions are seen as acceptable parts of modern life. This could send a troubling message to teens already struggling with low self-esteem.