Biography of Brookevitton


Brookevitton is a TikTok star, YouTube content creator and actress. Known for her lip-syncing and talent videos on TikTok and having amassed an enormous fan base – as well as having worked on short movies and TV series!

Brooke was first a hard-working reporter and anchor at KDVR FOX 31 before transitioning to KOLD news 13. She quickly earned the trust of viewers for her stories on adoption that have helped many Colorado children find homes.

Brooke enjoys applying makeup during her free time, sharing tips and tricks with her fans via social media. She recently released the “Brooke Monk Collection”, as well as designing iPhone cases.

She is known for having an incredible sense of humor, making life quite entertaining to be around. Her hilarious antics on social media keep followers interested and she also loves going shopping – particularly for lingerie and designer clothing!

Brooke is also a passionate foodie and passionate chef. As such, she is known for winning numerous culinary competitions at an early age; becoming the youngest sous chef ever on Top Chef at 21! Additionally, Brooke has participated in other culinary shows such as Top Chef Duels, House of Food, and Knife Fight.

She has appeared on many TV shows including Comedy Bang Bang and various commercials, as well as acting in some short movies and feature films.