Brookevitton – Personal Development Coach, Property Investor and Visual Effects Artist


Brookevitton is a Personal Development Coach, Property Investor and Visual Effects Artist working on films and television. From an early age she dreamed of working in film as she loved its characters of courage and imagination that couldn’t exist in reality – working to inspire audiences to live life fully and believe anything is possible through movies she worked on.

Brook’s first break in the industry came while working for Prime Focus on The Number Station (2013), creating stereo 3D effects. Her success there led her to MPC as a runner and eventually Framestore as an offer of Paint Roto Artist position – both huge steps up for her in her career journey! Brook credits her mentor with helping her advance within this team; now giving back by mentoring other artists.

After having children, Brooke became increasingly curious about financial freedom and how she could use her skills to help others achieve their goals. She experimented with various avenues such as Forex trading and Amazon selling; however property investing quickly emerged as her favorite activity to fulfill her purpose of helping others thrive.

Brooke currently divides her time between Barbados and the UK, either traveling Asia or working on projects at home. In her free time she runs her own podcast and currently composing her book. Furthermore she’s been able to significantly boost her website conversion rate – reaching 12% this month!