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Mexico City stands out as an accommodating and vibrant city in Latin America for LGBTQ travellers and locals alike, boasting vibrant neighbourhoods, delicious food, and breathtaking people that you won’t soon forget. Don’t hesitate – Mexico City should definitely be on your bucket list!

Before recently, finding an apartment or house for queer rent in Mexico City could be extremely challenging. But this has changed drastically in recent years due to more landlords realizing the benefits of renting to LGBT tenants – leading to an explosion of options for LGBTQ community in Mexico City and other major cities nationwide.

Though Mexico’s laws regarding homosexuality are liberal and progressive, its residents still experience deep-seated cultures of machismo – especially indigenous communities such as Isthmus Zapotec who recognize a third gender called muxe.

As such, although there are openly gay, lesbian, and bisexual people across the country, it’s still wise to maintain discretion when discussing your sexual orientation in public. This is particularly crucial in rural areas and among indigenous populations; nonetheless, some forward-looking municipalities and businesses have made strides to create more inclusive spaces.