Cherrypepperr – A Fun and Delicious Addition to Any Kitchen


Cherry peppers make an exciting and delicious addition to any kitchen, adding vibrant color and zesty spice to culinary creations, elevating them to new heights. Packed with potassium and vitamin C, cherry peppers help boost immune systems, brain health, reduce risk for cardiovascular disease and enhance skin tone – not to mention make beautiful culinary creations!

Cherry peppers offer mild to medium heat levels when prepared, similar to jalapenos in flavor. When prepared properly, cherry peppers can be enjoyed stuffed, grilled, sauteed or added to salsas and pasta dishes; or they can even be roasted for an added layer of complexity to be used as appetizers, salads or antipasto platters.

They pair beautifully with cheeses such as goat cheese and feta, where their tart heat offsets the creaminess to create an exquisite balance on cheese boards or sandwiches. Incorporating chili peppers into marinades gives meat dishes like burgers or sliders an added zest.

At peak maturity, they feature thin glossy skin that changes from green to deep red in hue and a round-to-ovate shape with an open cavity filled with brightly-hued seeds. Halved, they reveal thick wet flesh with spicy hot flavors that can be eaten raw or cooked; to maintain freshness they should be stored in a cool dark location and should last several weeks in your fridge.