Dakota Jackson and Her Boyfriend Jackson – The JacksonxDakota Tribute


Dakota Jackson is an arts and heritage museum professional dedicated to providing enriching experiences to visitors to the Appalachian Trail and its historic sites. Prior to working at Dakota has previously provided interpretation, research, collections management at museums such as Longfellow House – Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum as well as through-hiking the Appalachian Trail herself in 2015. She currently sits on Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s Next Generation Advisory Council.

Dakota spent much of her youth living as an outsider due to her sexual orientation, but learned how to use that isolation by channeling it into art. She attended Bryn Mawr College for her Bachelor’s in History of Art degree, while University College London awarded her with an MA in Mediterranean Archaeology.

Dakota quickly established herself at Malibu State College as an arts major before quickly turning into a drug dealer, selling Type-7, Transmoxide and Zolapse. Her reputation grew and she sold to prominent students such as Danielle Luo and Alice Blundell. When Rose Wagner missed payments she punished her by freezing him or turning Charlotte Nuremberg and Lorrie Timberlake into human statues – but Dakota wasn’t afraid of punishments either: freezing Rose Wagner for failure to pay or turning Charlotte Nuremberg and Lorrie Timberlake into human statues!

Two years after first going viral for sharing their restaurant orders on TikTok, Dakota and her boyfriend Jackson have amassed an enormous 648,500 subscriber following. Their videos feature food-themed humor; often featuring local eateries like O’Charley’s and P.F. Chang’s as an outlet to help manage Dakota’s disordered eating. Recently they met up with Gibson Johns to discuss how they are managing their newfound fame as well as what lies ahead for them in the future.