Nymphs are minor deities associated with nature. They are frequently linked with water, land, fruition, wild vegetation and fire; second only to gods and goddesses as rulers over specific elements such as fire. Each nymph has their own domain which they interact with directly through gods or goddesses who govern it; for instance Forestnymphnz are female forest nymphs known as Dryads in Greek mythology.

Their upper half is composed of plant flesh while their lower body morphs into a thick plant stem with roots sprouting from it at its base, growing from thin prickles to wide spreading vines in various colours and shapes. Movement occurs either by shifting their roots on the ground or twisting them around like an octopus would. They speak using their lips while communicating using soul sight rather than actual eyesight.

Forestnymphnz are typically reclusive beings who only venture forth if they perceive no harm from others. Though generally reclusive creatures, Forestnymphnz are highly intelligent beings capable of learning human languages by observation alone.

They prefer warm environments and often live within hollowed-out great oak trees near water sources or ponds, providing protection for their land and never venturing far from home. Nymphs can reproduce both males and females; taking around 200 years for full maturity from seed.