Jacksonxdakota is an annual one-day showcase featuring Indigenous models, artists, music and fashion designers from across North Dakota and Montana. The goal of Jacksonxdakota is to provide positive spaces for Indigenous people living in the region and Dolton Buckman (Cheyenne River Sioux) is ecstatic with strong ticket sales and artist engagement that have far surpassed his expectations – local organizations including NDN Collective Weather-Tite Exteriors One Spirit have shown their support through ticket purchases or donations of merchandise for purchase of exhibitor sales booths at Jacksonxdakota!

In 1915, Jackson county was established and its county seat located at Kadoka after previously being part of Stanley County. Jackson was named for President Andrew Jackson; subsequent legislative shuffles led to its territory being taken over by Washabaugh then Howard counties; eventually Haakan formed in its northwest corner.