Kikicola – Come Up With a Name That Makes Her Smile


LGBT teens face many difficulties, from rejection by family and friends, sexual assault, HIV infection and other health complications, homelessness and frequent run-ins with law enforcement. Many LGBTQ teenagers find solace in the kiki scene – pioneered by activists from ballroom culture known for voguing dance style popularized by Madonna in her 1990 video for “Vogue.” There are currently several active kiki “houses” across New York City where house parents lead their children through a rigorous schedule including runway competitions, performance art battles while instilling safe-sex messaging and offering free STI testing services to make life a bit simpler.

If you know a Kikicola, consider coming up with an amusing nickname to bring out her playful side and show how much you care about her. One possibility could be “Kiki Cola”, an easy play on her name that alluded to the popular beverage; or try something more punny such as “Kianova” or “Kiana banana” — either option will show her that someone cares while making her smile and laugh!