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Anna Cathcart, best known for her role as Kitty Covey from Netflix romcom trilogy To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, has been cast as Kitty in a new romantic comedy series entitled XO, Kitty alongside Choi Min-young from Twenty Five Twenty One and Anthony Keyvan from Love Victory. In this season of the series Kitty finds herself with three appealing romantic options in Dae, Yuri, and Min Ho, and no pressure to make an instantaneous choice any time soon!

Just days after the show’s premiere, Coconut Kitty’s social media pages sent shockwaves through fans when an unexpected announcement revealed she had died by suicide. The sisters behind Coconut Kitty’s account shared an emotionally charged post remembering her life and paying a heartfelt tribute. They called their sister an extraordinary individual with an infectious laugh who loved art-making, hardheaded resilience when faced with hardship, compassion for animals in need and hard-headed determination in difficult situations – along with encouraging anyone experiencing difficulty to seek professional assistance immediately. They also encouraged anyone experiencing difficulties to seek professional help immediately.