Learn Lua – The Game Developer’s Language

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Lua is one of the fastest interpreted languages available and ideal for game development. It’s portable and compatible with multiple platforms – you could use it for backend scripting on a web server, mobile app development or embedded microprocessors such as ARM and Rabbit for applications such as Lego Mindstorms!

Lua is an extremely powerful language with dynamic variables that enable fast code refactoring and straightforward debugging, using tables as its primary data structure to reduce memory requirements while supporting unorthodox semantic extensions. Furthermore, this versatile language boasts meta-mechanisms for class implementation and inheritance while remaining compact to easily integrate into other software projects.

This self-paced course begins by teaching programming basics before progressing to using Lua to complete three game development projects of increasing complexity. Students have lifetime access to this course and may return as necessary.

Learning Lua can help game developers hone their skills and expand their career opportunities, while impressing potential employers. You can use Lua as an effective way of measuring its popularity online: see if Google Search results contain it, is there an official Wikipedia page, etc.