Lolanaton (Japanese: )

Lolanaton (, “rora, roora?”; also written as “Lola”) is one of Charlotte Family’s 23 daughters and 53rd children, twin sister to Chiffon and father Pound. Lola carries her mother’s Vivre Card to give her powerful soul energy that allows her to influence other homies easily. Additionally, her zombie is adept with swords – always carrying two katanas at all times!

Lola fled from the Charlotte Family after her arranged marriage to Loki ended and was labeled as an outlaw of Totto Land by Big Mom, who threatened to kill her upon her return. Yet despite Big Mom’s harsh treatment, Lola still considers Nami her family and has formed a close bond with the former Pirate King.

Lola and her zombie were given an opportunity to return to sunlight when Luffy and his crew visited Thriller Bark. While recovering her shadow, Lola recognized Nami from where her zombie had left signs.

Though she returned to the sun, Lola wanted to stay long enough to see the Straw Hats take down Gecko Moria. To convince them she offered them her mother’s Vivre Card as well as helping inflict damage against Gecko through purifying zombie shadows – an ability she used herself against Gecko with. Later she gave them each a treasure chest as thanks for their assistance; Lola may be named in reference to Swiss rolls; her sisters Pound Cake and Chiffon Cake have names taken from types of cake named after types of cake (Pound Cake and Chiffon Cake respectively); together they make up what are known as Lola and her crew as Rolling Pirates.