Mya Badd

Singer and dancer and member of social media group Tha Bad Kids, she has become an active YouTuber by posting vlogs, skits, pranks, cover songs parody covers and original content to her channel. Over time she has amassed a strong following both on YouTube and Instagram channels.

Mya made her mark on the music industry when she posted a viral dance video to Cardi B’s hit single “Up,” quickly going viral and inspiring many TikTok users to copy her moves. Aside from being famous for her dance videos, Mya also shows promise as an actress – according to IMDB she played Lisa in Crown Lake TV Series.

She is in a relationship with Mykel Conder, better known by his stage name Bad Kid Mykel – a rapper and social media influencer from The Bad Kids collective. She regularly surprises him on his birthday with gifts. Both regularly collaborate on YouTube videos.

Mya Badd is an American social media personality and dancer with an attractive figure. Her beauty and friendly persona has quickly made her one of the most beloved young figures online; especially among youth. Mya boasts beautiful eyes and long silky hair which add to her allure; as does an alluring smile which completes her look further. Standing 5 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 119 pounds respectively, Mya possesses exceptional rhythm and timing as an accomplished dancer – traits which have earned her widespread adoration from followers online and off.