Penggunaan Teknologi Informasi dan Kommunikasi


Utilizing information and communication technology during a teacher’s work at a midschool education institution is one of the biggest problems. This technology offers great potential to enable a teacher to communicate directly with parents and children living online communities.

I enjoy using technology in education, not only during travel or individual journeys but also as part of teaching and learning processes. I use such tech largely collectively, in groups or pairs with teachers collaborating closely in teaching processes while taking active steps with active learning of students including test analysis analysis for some and extended pedagogy exams with others.

Technology today also made headlines for incorporating multi-level teaching. Siswa was someone who took care in attending to his or her tuition fees, hard work and ambition; I brought in Siswa so they can undertake tasks within this activity through easily executable tetakans.

Saya stated that using TIK in working with my parents was meant to assist their goal while also bringing students on board to fulfill assigned responsibilities. Saya did not view this issue as irrelevant nor bring up potential scenarios that did not involve my father bringing pupils onboard; this method was simply one means of multi-level and multi-discipline teaching.