Princess Kitty Kaylee – The Sexiest Princess Ever!


Princess Gwendolyn of Pastel Kingdom stands as proof that not all princesses can have it all. While her sisters Princesses Maria and Lorena and brother Prince Frederick may all boast pretty looks, Gwen stands out with her frightening features–sallow skin, sharp teeth, stringy green hair. Yet these strange characteristics never bothered Gwen until one day when Prince Frederick disparaged her appearances; after hearing this news Gwen decided to form her own Cursed Princess Club to vent her feelings.

Princess Gwendolyn resembles an enchanted witch from another time and place; with her sallow skin, long pointy nose, stringy green hair and sharp teeth she is an embodiment of evil in her castle. But don’t be fooled by appearance; Princess Gwendolyn has an unforgettable sense of humor and fierce temper which will have you melting before long!

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