Savageemma Album Review

Savageemma – Self-titled debut album from Australian band Savageemma showcases their unafraid to take risks and push the limits of what constitutes punk rock music. Loud, aggressive and dirty are all hallmarks of quality punk rock and this screamo-influenced tune from Savageemma is sure to please any punk fan out there!

Through out this album are references to high-profile crimes perpetrated by women that further draw listeners into its world.

Savageemma also incorporates elements of autobiography in her writing. For instance, she recalls sending an open letter to her brother after the assault in which she claims that everything is fine with her life and claims she feels great despite this harsh criticism from him. Furthermore, Savageemma uses dates as a means of commenting upon how meaningless time becomes in relation to trauma; one section was marked ‘February 6, 2017 – Absolutely No Meaning at All’ when asking the police for archived documents related to her case.