Sk8erboy Socks


Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi is an iconic pop-punk classic and one of the great love stories of our century, but also serves as a cautionary tale with timeless themes, an unflinchingly honest sexual anthem, and an infallible karaoke go-to.

The song tells a simple tale about a skater boy and his skater girl partner. What strikes us first, however, is how unnecessarily she refers to him as male while he refers to himself as female; why did the singer feel it necessary to make such a pointed statement?

Without further delay, the next line reveals his true identity as a punk – an altogether different kind of guy than what she had been dating previously. Perhaps his lifestyle and her ballet dancing made her think she wasn’t in their league; so instead she chose someone less cool but more conventional instead. Five years later she is divorced and single with child while skater boy has gone on to become an incredible rockstar, making her regret her decision every time she sees him perform before sold out crowds on MTV.

Sk8erboy socks are an easy way to complete any fetish outfit while making a statement about yourself and the things you hold dear. Our left sock features a small inner pocket on its shaft – perfect for poppers, lubricant, condoms, money or ID cards so nothing gets misplaced during wild parties!