Tantus Toys Review

Tantus Toys

Tantus makes body-safe sex toys that feel incredible, offering both an investment in pleasure and an investment for playtime pleasure. Crafted using 100% ultra-premium silicone, their toys are nonporous, hypoallergenic, phthalates free, made in the US, easy to maintain, made for all levels of sexual experience and made for one thing only: pure pleasure! For effective sterilization use antibacterial soap mixed with hot water then rinse well afterwards or boil or bleach them if available – Tantus toys come straight out the gate!

The Magma is a squirting toy designed to look like dripping lava. While I found it an enjoyable toy for exploring sensations associated with squirting, its ability to provide towel-disruptive stimulation in an anal canal wasn’t all that impressive. While its slim profile can fit comfortably inside an anal canal, some users might require greater internal stimulation from an anal toy than its slim construction would provide.

Tantus Inner Band Trainer Firm Silicone Dildo (Oxblood). This sleek cone hybrid toy was designed to gradually stretch your sphincter muscle groups by gradually narrowing both inner and outer bands until both open wide. A smooth reverse radius shaft stimulates various pressure points. Although not an intense anal toy, sliding it in and out plays on nerve packs in your orifices and stimulates crura and anal nerves for maximum stimulation.

Tantus also produces The Vamp, an all-purpose plug with an unassuming coronal ridge and pleasing girth that can be harness-compatible and used as both butt plug or anal play toy. Being more compact than its wider counterparts in this size range may make keeping it in longer more comfortable.