Yukina (Japanese) – Character Information


Yukina belongs to an all-female race of demons known as Ice Apparitions, featuring long mint-green hair held back into a low ponytail with an elegant red ribbon, as well as wearing a light blue loose dress topped off by brown flats. She serves as one of Roselia’s powerful vocalists; Imai Lisa and Mitake Ran adore her talent and regard her highly. Additionally, Kazuma Kuwabara considers her one of his potential love interests.

Yukina stands out among her fellow Ice Maidens by being very loving and gentle towards people, particularly birds. This was evident during an episode when Elder Toguro crushed two birds with his hand, prompting Yukina to cry out in pain. Her kind nature shines again when she healed Kuwabara faster than she herself could manage – regardless of his romantic feelings for her; still enjoying their company is something Yukina relishes greatly.

Yukina is both kind and caring; yet also very determined in her search for her brother despite being captured by Tarukane to use as a gem production device. When Tarukane tried to force her into tears with torture techniques such as forced-crying sessions, Yukina stood firm and refused to break. Even when Tarukane attempted to crush her with an axe she frozen the room instead to send him away in fear.

Hiei eventually returned and revealed himself. To demonstrate he is alive, he asked her to keep one of his mother’s tears as proof – she agreed and hinted strongly that Hiei was indeed her brother all along.