About Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne, an American rock musician known for selling over 18 million albums in the US alone. One of his generation’s most influential musicians, he is widely revered among his fans around the globe and involved with various social and environmental causes over his long career – for which he has won various awards and recognitions.

Jackson Browne was born in Heidelberg, Germany on October 9, 1948 to Clyde Jack Browne (an American serviceman who worked at Army publication Stars and Stripes), and Beatrice Amanda Dahl. At three, his family relocated to California; later that same year he graduated Sunny Hills High School before joining country-folk-rock band Nitty Gritty Dirt Band before embarking on his solo career.

He has composed songs that address personal and sociopolitical matters such as environmentalism and human rights. His activism has been recognized by other musicians and politicians. Additionally, his performances at benefit concerts for organizations like Farm Aid, Amnesty International and Nicaragua’s post-Somoza revolution have garnered him high praise from fans of both genres.

Browne is an emotionally expressive individual whose writing and performances come directly from his heart. A natural entertainer, Browne gave everything in every performance at Pantages theatre; audiences gave him standing ovations when he arrived and presented him with an encore performance as promised by him.