Kathariine – A Portrait by Anne Seymour

Kathariine is an actress and writer whose work embodies the lively strength of tomboyish beauty. She has appeared at the Metropolitan Opera, Public Theater and several Broadway productions under Jeffrey Seller, Alex Lacamoire and Andy Blankenbuehler’s original creative team for “In The Heights”. Additionally, Kathariine has written and directed for New York stage productions and Harper Collins has published both her short story collection as well as an upcoming novel from Scribner.

Katherine was born in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia in 1918 to parents who were determined that all their children would attend college despite segregation laws at that time. With an extraordinary fascination and aptitude for numbers, Katherine quickly advanced through several grades at school, eventually enrolling at West Virginia State College’s historically black campus as a 13 year-old high schooler.

Katherine worked at NACA (later NASA) for 10 years during which time she played an integral role in helping launch astronauts into space, connect them with rockets that would carry them to the moon, and land them there. Her dedication was legendary despite racism and sexism she endured daily – she continued working until her death in 1956.

Anne painted Katherine using modernist techniques reminiscent of those seen in modernist artwork, using bold contrasting colors and lines to capture her essence. Her flowers display both vitality and looseness that is both fresh and lifelike; shadows highlight its shape while its strong outline becomes apparent; Katherine’s dark brown eyes under a wide and sculpted brow stare steadily outward from their place on Katherine’s face.