About Spanishcouple – How to Get Married in Spain


Couples seeking to marry in Spain will need to familiarise themselves with its rules before getting engaged or married there. Understand that marriage in Spain is more than just legal; it also represents a step towards residency – therefore all foreign documents should be apostilled before beginning this process.

In our first article, we cover how to legally register your marriage in Spain as well as provide some helpful hints regarding which documents need to be legalized or apostilled before the process can begin. Additionally, a table provides all the documents that will need to be brought with you during this process.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus infection began, Xavier Anto has made regular appearances at a street-level window near a Barcelona nursing home where his 92-year-old wife Carmen Panzano resides. Employees at that facility provide him with video calls so they can both see each other.

Results indicate that both Spaniards and Moroccans recognize there are multiple agents that facilitate romantic socialisation of young adults, but do not agree on which agents have the biggest effect. Overall, Spaniards were found to rely more heavily on several agents while Moroccan women generally followed models closer to Sternberg’s love components by placing more value on commitment, intimacy, and passion than Spanish individuals did.