Ramona Smit’s Best Real Housewives Quotes

Ramona has been a fan favorite on RHONY since season 1, even though she often clashes with other cast members and seems disorganized at times. Fans love her, even when she shouts at them or contradicts themselves! As one of its mainstays, she has made plenty of memorable quotes throughout the series and often mixes up words or phrases; here are some memorable ones that will have you laughing out loud!

Ramona’s season 8 tagline epitomized her persona perfectly; she believed that age was only a number and wine could solve everything. Since then, this phrase has become associated with Ramona and become part of show culture.

On their trip to Scary Island this season, Ramona asked Bethenny if they could do “Turtle Time” for 15 minutes – an iconic phrase used by Bethenny who loves drinking and dancing with her friends. It soon became one of Ramona’s signature moments as well!

Ramona should remember this quote because it conveys her attitude of tolerance for others and seeks happiness for everyone involved. While others were concerned about Luann and Tom getting engaged, Ramona was supportive and offered her best wishes. Furthermore, it serves as a good reminder to always listen to advice given from close friends since they know your situation best.