How Brands Can Use TikTok to Connect With a Global Audience

TikTok has become an international sensation since it launched last September, but not without controversy. Many users are concerned about its implications on privacy as a platform majority-owned by Chinese government; others worry that its addictive nature might distract from real life; some armed forces even banned it due to potential distraction from training sessions.

TikTok provides users with an outlet to share humor and silly posts while also spreading important messages related to mental health, body positivity, diversity and more. In addition, users use TikTok to showcase their artistic talent as well as reach new audiences through it.

Due to the app’s fast-paced scrolling experience, it can be easy to become immersed in videos. Coupled with an algorithm that displays relevant material based on past interactions with certain clips or articles, this means you could end up watching hours worth of videos in mere minutes!

Access to content has created niche communities focused on niche interests like sea shanties, jumping spiders or Jewish pop music – giving rise to entire industries devoted to finding, managing and cultivating TikTok influencers.

Brands can use this platform to engage their global audiences through an engaging medium. Many take advantage of livestreaming product announcements, Q&A sessions, or behind-the-scenes peeks – increasing brand visibility while building engagement.