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Kristy Althaus represented Colorado at the Miss USA pageant in 2012. She placed second, but was disqualified when an adult video surfaced showing her sitting on a bed in bikini while being asked by someone behind a camera to perform oral sex – this clip has since been taken down, while all references to Kristy have also been removed from event promoters’ websites.

Kristy currently works as a Data Analyst for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at the State of Colorado, serving on its Data Team and specialising in GIS solutions through statistical and spatial analysis. Kristy’s mapping work plays an essential part in fulfilling CBO’s objective to provide an exhaustive account of broadband service availability across Colorado.

Kristy hails from a household where hard work and discipline were paramount, and is delighted to join a team making such an impactful difference for Coloradans. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography: Environment Society Sustainability from University of Colorado Denver as well as GIS certification.