How to Write a Great Article – Part 1

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Hook – Give your readers a reason to care about your article with an engaging headline and opening paragraph that gives just enough information to capture their interest and create anticipation of what lies ahead in your article. Ideally, this should provide just enough detail about what topic or problem will be addressed while not appearing rushed or incoherent.

Solution – Your article’s remainder should focus on outlining what needs to be done to address the issue being discussed in your introduction. While this section will likely be longer than its predecessor, make sure it remains easy for your readers to follow what’s being discussed even without prior knowledge on the subject matter.

This section should also cover any potential risks that could come with following your advice, reassuring readers that you’re not simply providing quick fixes and will help them avoid potential disasters should they follow an incorrect path. By clearly and succinctly outlining all this information, your readers will more likely trust and follow your advice.