Zorofit Review – Is Zorofit Right For Industrial Distributors?

Zorofit is a B2B e-commerce platform tailored to industrial distributors. The technology designed specifically to support their online commerce businesses from inception through post purchase analytics and retention is ideal.

Roronoa Zoro is famed for his immense physical strength as a swordsman, often lifting boulders above his head while withstanding powerful compressed air slashes that cut through armored soldiers or hard materials such as stone or steel. Zoro’s amazing strength is due to an intensive training regimen since childhood that included both bodybuilding exercises and rigorous swordsmanship training.

Weadick sees the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity for industrial customers to explore online commerce, with Zoro well positioned to capitalize on it. Zoro has built its infrastructure from scratch for scale, giving it an agility advantage over traditional distributors who are retrofitting web transactions into their offerings. Customers are offered all of the same SKUs they would find at Grainger with much simpler one-price-for-all pricing models.