Jesse_Coy_ is an internet personality with an established online presence, appearing across various blogs, websites and media stories. They boast an impressive following on social media as well as being active members of the nerd/geek community.

Jesse has an extensive background in running and coaching cross country/track & field. He has guided multiple runners who have become exceptional competitors within their sport – Gorman (World Triathlon Champion) and Coates (NCAA XC All-American), among others.

After an extensive and often contentious hearing, the trial court sentenced Appellant to twenty-four to sixty months of imprisonment, which was maximum allowable under statute. As this verdict did not reflect adequate findings and reasons behind it, we must vacate its September 30, 2022 judgment of sentence and remand this matter back to trial court with instructions that they schedule a new resentencing hearing no later than July 10, 2022.