The Blue Box Fuzz Pedal


The Blue Box offers two great effects in one: an incredible sounding fuzz circuit combined with an awesome pitch shifter to lower your signal two octaves. Place this pedal before your guitar amp’s INPUT or use it in its Effects Loop for some extreme manipulation; blend your clean tone with two-octave-dropping notes for truly unique sonic textures!

Original Bluebox devices were used by phone phreakers during the 1960s and 70s to intercept call control signals on telephone networks. Built using 1940s vacuum tube technology, these large devices required constant tinkering from phone phreakers before becoming functional. When low cost microelectronics became widely available during that period, construction of electronic blue boxes became significantly simpler, eventually even leading to them being sold as consumer products.

In addition to its stunning sound capabilities, the Blue Box also provides flexible MIDI mapping and clock outputs, making it compatible with many drum machines and synths. If you use a Novation MIDI controller you can easily record multiple sequences at the same time by layering them all up!

The Bluebox is an interdisciplinary learning space and in its inaugural semester hosted courses from across the university. Through iterative cycles of teaching, reflection, adjustment, and more teaching instructors were able to explore innovative pedagogies, identify best practices, and contribute to national conversations on effective learning spaces.