Lexie Smith – Tiktok, Height, Family, and Relationship

Lexie Smith, known by her initials LXS on social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram as LXie Smith, has amassed an enormous fan base across various social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter as well as LinkedIn. Lexie is known for her hilarious personality online as she posts various vlogs, dancing clips, lip sync videos and other forms of content on her Tiktok account; both her parents are very supportive. Lexie is also an aspiring model who has appeared in five episodes of TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras show.

Not only is she active online, she’s also a respected public speaker and co-founder of Ready Set Coach. As a public relations specialist she has assisted countless entrepreneurs to achieve rapid success through public relations strategies.

Talented athlete, she played softball at Temple High School. Additionally, she joined Temple Lady Tigers softball team. Now living in New York City.

She enjoys traveling and shopping, watching movies and spending time with friends; blue is her favorite color and ice cream is one of her favorites treats!

Lexie Smith has an incredibly bright future ahead of her, thanks to her hard work and ambition. Her positive attitude helps others in need and she has an attractive body shape with flawless skin that complements her beautiful smile – perfect qualities to possess for anyone hoping for success in any field of endeavor.