The Fetish Couple – How to Talk About Fetishes With Your Partner

Exploring sexual fetishes together can be an exciting way of deepening intimacy in couples’ relationships, yet misusing or neglecting to address sexual fetishes may cause major problems within the couple or lead to breakup altogether. If you’re finding it hard to discuss sexual fetishes with your partner, seeking the advice of a licensed therapist with expertise in couples counseling or kink therapy could help ease tensions further.

“To approach the topic of fetishes with confidence and an openness to being vulnerable is paramount,” suggests Jaime. She suggests adding humor into the discussion; many people may not realize how many have sexual fantasies that they hide from us all – including your partner! While your interests might seem strange at first, you’d be amazed how many others share similar interests! She advises explaining that despite how strange some may appear.

At times, partners can find their fetishes dangerous to their health if they involve drugs or alcohol. Therefore, it’s crucial that any concerns regarding drugs or alcohol abuse be discussed with a professional; you can find one by searching online listings or calling your local health center; there are also groups and conventions dedicated to discussing fetishes safely.