Megan Death Chaturbate

Megan_Death Chaturbate

On her thirteenth birthday, Megan sat in the basement of her parents’ house looking at the photograph that had been used on her MySpace profile. This candid snapshot seemed to embody both sadness and exhilaration of female adolescence; it reminded her of Pink from Victoria’s Secret; they give away toy dogs with each purchase to attract teenage buyers; it appealed to Megan because she could combine both items – an adorable plush animal and Miracle Bra.

Megan can be seen smiling broadly with wide-set eyes and her mouth slightly open in an attempt to gain approval, an all too common sentiment among teenage girls. She wears a white tank top paired with blue shorts while her hair hangs wavy over her shoulders.

Megan was recently moved by her parents, Tina and Ron, to Immaculate Conception Dardenne Catholic School which offered more privacy than her former public school. Megan enjoyed the change, telling them she could wear whatever she pleased without hiding behind makeup; and soon thereafter requested a MySpace account so she could connect with new people online.

Megan agreed, and upon logging onto the website that evening she quickly added Josh Evans as one of her friends. Josh’s photo had come from an ad for Central Missouri State University football, while his profile listed Rascal Flatts, Korn, and Nickelback as his favorite bands and one of his turn-ons as tongue piercings.