Yu_Jina – Overview

Yukina is a member of the Koutetsujou, which transports goods across Hinomoto. She has an athletic yet muscular build with strawberry red hair, often seen wearing her engineer uniform and is known for being caring and considerate towards other people’s feelings. Yukina seems intrigued by who her brother might be while also showing a great interest in nature.

Yukina possesses an admirable lance that offers her an excellent amount of range and air control; three jump options and her Climax Art Super can even be activated mid-air! Unfortunately, however, her attack startup time can be slow while her defenses only averagely perform.

Though she may seem weaker on paper, she still boasts several effective tools for pressure. She can be an ideal pick in against 2C/jA or assist call in neutral with her frametrap into 2AA and ability to do a meterless escape-blast. Furthermore, her trump card can cover her jA while punishing opponents with large amounts of damage when she throws them backwards.

Yukina can utilize her j236EXS as an anti-air option or fast combo starter against 4C opponents, having faster startup than her other AA options and offering wall bounce capability in corners. Furthermore, its hitbox makes it ideal for wall bouncing near corners – this weapon also pairs nicely with her trump to do additional damage or trigger a meterless HKD; making her particularly helpful when faced with Celty or Kouko characters as their trumps may also be covered by Yukina’s j236EXS!