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Fortuna (corresponding to Greek Tyche) in Latin culture symbolizes luck. She is frequently depicted blindfolded, symbolizing its hard-to-discern nature. Cults dedicated to Fortuna were widespread in Roman society and her presence could often be found as oracular predictions; she remains an important theme today throughout European culture.

Trumbull College at Yale University uses this phrase as its motto, as well as other military organizations and families’ coats of arms. Additionally, this motto has appeared in films and TV shows like Gangs of New York in 2002 where Boss Tweed shouted them to his supporters on election night.

If someone asked me, “Crupi il Lupo?” in Italian, my response would likely be, “Fortuna!,” since facing off against a wolf takes both courage and luck to do effectively. If however the wolf were an arachnid instead, my answer might change to “Molta fortuna!” since biting its legs off involves luck alone; similarly, winning poker involves sheer chance alone.