Viola Hunterx

Viola Hunter was a bubbly petite woman with an engaging personality and infectious laugh. Family was her top priority and bargain shopping was among her many passions; also knitting, bingo and bus trips with her friends as well as country music were among her other loves. Viola served as treasurer of Brunswick Drive high rise club while volunteering with many groups across town.

This survey demonstrated that VE is effective at managing the symptoms associated with COVID-19 such as cough, myalgia, and headache. Anti-inflammatory properties of VE are likely due to its composition which contains caffeic acid, pyrocatechol, cyclotide and saponin; all proven in previous experimental studies. Additionally, research has demonstrated the benefits of VE in providing antidiarrheal and gastroprotective effects (Janbaz KH et al. 2015). This research indicates that VE is an effective herbal remedy to manage common symptoms associated with viral influenza-like infection and thus supports its traditional usage in Iranian traditional medicine. Further study is necessary in order to better understand its possible mechanism of action against virus-induced inflammation processes in lung tissue.