18 And Abused Free – Help Keep Children 18 And Abused Free From Child Sexual Abuse

18 And Abused Free is a campaign created to increase awareness and decrease child sexual abuse cases by increasing reporting, community participation and support for child victims of abuse. Led by Clark County Justice Center (CJC), 18 And Abused Free engages parents, grandparents and caregivers in conversations around safeguarding kids from harm.

As children are reluctant to disclose any sexual abuse against themselves, its true prevalence remains unknown. But researchers estimate that as many as one out of every ten children will be sexually abused prior to turning 18.

Most perpetrators of child sexual abuse appear and behave similarly to everyone else, targeting settings where children have easy access to them such as sports leagues, faith centers, clubs and schools. Furthermore, they typically tend to be older and larger than their victims.

Sexually abused children are at greater risk of becoming victims as adults and may experience long-term physical, emotional, social and psychological repercussions that last throughout adulthood. They may struggle in relationships, find it hard to function in school and work settings, develop depression or substance use issues as well as problems with self-esteem, body image or confidence issues that have profound ramifications for adult life.

Remember, reporting sexual abuse of children never too late! If you suspect abuse against one or more children living in your county, contact them via our DSS County Directory to report.