A CatholicMatch Matchmaker Shares Her Story

There’s always a story behind every individual – thoughts behind their gestures, emotions inside of them, and an unsaid history under their skin. Sarah’s is one of survival and redemption that too often goes untold.

Sarah was brought up in an abusive household and turned to drugs for relief. Following rehab and JobsPlus job readiness classes, Sarah found hope and was determined to make changes in her life. A year and eight months later, Sarah met Thomas via CatholicMatch; they tied the knot at her Wichita home parish on a scorching June day; at Sarah’s reception her father noticed Thomas bowing his head when speaking and thought he looked holy – thus beginning their courtship and eventual marriage.

On her way home from a local Mexican restaurant, Sarah encounters two of her cousins bearing gifts and clues for a scavenger hunt. Following these clues leads Sarah to one of her favorite spots where an older gentleman approaches and offers to give a private sonogram session; Sarah readily agrees.

Sarah had an in-office sonogram that revealed an embryo growing inside of her. If it turns out to be female, there could be twins! Sarah will return in two weeks for another sonogram as the first showed a sac that didn’t contain a baby and needs confirmation by Sarah’s doctor that this pregnancy will continue without interruption if Sarah decides she wants to keep it. If the second one proves positive then Sarah can keep her child.