Alice_Rays_WP wrote, “All history is the product of energies & forces (rays) at work on humanity, manifested through various civilisations & cultures and shaping races & nations,” wrote Alice Bailey. Every ray carries an idea; its inner potentiality determines its outer expression – this ideal provides the true pattern of the global system as a result of evolutionary processes.

Ray II servers explore forms to reveal their hidden ideas, motivational powers, and attractive qualities. They record these ideas and register them so they may be spread by Ray III servers further into society. Finally, Ray IV servers work to harmonize new ideas with existing ones by eliminating any harmful gaps or breaks and are the true intuitives.

Alice in Videoland are a Swedish electroclash group, often compared to bands such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Missing Persons but possess a more electronic sound. Their musical style features minimal 80’s synth pop music with upbeat electronic body music (EBM) assault and bitchy disco punk female vocals. Alice was established by Toril Lindqvist in 2002 before disbanding after two albums released under their name in 2008. Margaret Osborn (Mary), now lead vocalist for Alice is Videoland released an EBM assault assault debut EP under their moniker in 2017. See Also Alice Glass (album).