Alphamax Yor Nude Figure Review

Yor Nude Figure

Yor, having returned from her assassination job unscathed but feeling dirty, took a shower to rejuvenate herself and remove any dust particles or grime that had collected on her long black locks and flush her cheeks red with heat. Once out she wiped away her hands before slowly sitting next to Loid and taking his wet towel from his face – Loid saw his lady blush heavily as they gazed up into each others blue eyes before taking up another wet towel from him for his face – before sitting next to Loid as Loid saw his blue eyes while blushing heavily in turn.

She leaned down towards him and caught his breath, as their bodies collided softly together. He took a sip from his teacup as she slowly unwove the towel covering her body to lay against his, her bare back brushing against his as she teasedly revealed more of her naked beauty.

Figure and figurine sales are an integral component of anime and manga culture, offering something for fans from a broad spectrum of tastes and interests. Some fans love adding them to their collection while others find them inappropriate; recent news of an NSFW statue featuring Spy x Family character Yor has caused quite the uproar as this luxury option features her in an irresistibly suggestive pose.

Alphamax is known for creating intricately detailed figures with athletic and alluring poses that range from athletic to alluring, featuring original characters as well as heroines from popular anime, manga and games such as Lineage II, The Seven Deadly Sins and Queen’s Blade. Their figures typically feature cast-offable parts for added collectability!