Anook – First-of-its-Kind Activewear For Pregnant and Postpartum Moms


Anook Activewear was launched by prenatal yoga teacher and nonprofit professional Allie Lindenmuth as an innovative solution to meet women at every stage of motherhood. Their innovative activewear is engineered specifically to support pregnant and postpartum moms with stretchy, comfortable and supportive garments – tailored specifically to pregnant and postpartum mothers’ bodies during gestation and postpartum. Lindenmuth created Anook to fill a perceived “massive gap” in the industry: high performance activewear designed to expand and contract alongside their bodies during gestation and postpartum.

Pronounced “AHN-koh,” Anook is an elegant baby girl name with an endearing sound, enjoying popularity across European nations. It is derived from Anouk which ranks within the top 20 names for both Dutch and French. Other variants include Anika, Anoushka, Anuschka Anne Annette Annie Ninon are other forms of Anook.

Snook flew home immediately following the series finale of Succession and celebrated it with Lawson, her parents, her sister and other close family and friends. While Snook described seeing Succession end as being both bittersweet and emotional for her personally, she revealed she has undergone both hysterectomy and mastectomy surgeries scheduled and is hoping that in time these will help her present outwardly what’s inside – for now though it’s all about family and closeness for her.