If you have spent much time in anime fandom, chances are you are familiar with several cosplay tropes–sexy maids ready to do whatever their master asks; adorable nurses sporting short skirts; and the bunny girl in her leotard sporting bushy bunny ears which make her appear as though wearing an enormous hat.

My inspiration for this character first struck when talking with fellow comics creators about their favorite female characters. A few mentioned they had been inspired to create this trope after watching “Lost in Translation”, especially how it portrayed Tokyo as being filled with exotic women who spoke softly while using hand gestures to show emotion.

Cara Foinz, a graphic designer and rabbit enthusiast, relishes every chance she gets to create bunny art. Additionally, she fosters rabbits in her spare time as part of Ohio House Rabbit Rescue volunteer service.

She first entered the rabbit world when she and her husband saw a small white bunny hopping down their street and decided to bring him home and try to find him a suitable home. Since then, they have rescued several more bunnies and joined Columbus Bunny Brigade as members.

Amy inherited her love of design and creating beautiful things from what was once trash from her father, an accomplished lamp designer known for creating masterpieces from nothing. Additionally, she proudly owns and rescues bunnies, guinea pigs, and cats as pets.