Ebony_Vie began uploading music covers to YouTube in 2009 and quickly reached 100,000 subscribers by 2012. She went on to collaborate with artists such as Rizzle Kicks and The Saturdays before performing at Stoke 2012 Live alongside them, before travelling across the pond for Teen Hoot; an event for up-and-coming artists.

“Ebony and Ivory,” written by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder for their 1982 joint release, successfully juxtaposes black keys on a piano keyboard with ideas of racial harmony. It became an instant hit. Diospyros, a tropical tree, yields wood for several species that produce ebony – an attractive hardwood with heavy, nearly black heartwood that makes this precious timber much sought after by builders and woodworkers. Wood’s close grain, high hardness and lustre combined with its durability and ability to be polished make it highly regarded for furniture making and carving applications. Diospyros ebenum, widely found throughout Sri Lanka’s flat country west of Trincomalee, produces some of the finest Indian and Ceylon ebony available today. It can be distinguished by its wide trunk with jet-black, charred appearance that conceals white bark beneath. Other noteworthy sources for ebony include Coromandel (D. melanoxylon) from Angola as well as Gabon, Lagos calamander or Niger (D. dendo).