Ginger Lei – A Remarkable Hawaiian Gift

Ginger Lei

Articles Boasting an irresistibly sweet fragrance, our delicate Micro Ginger Lei will exhilarate the senses and announce your presence with ease. Specifically woven for an open appearance and flat surface, this fragrant lei makes an outstanding present on Mother’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries alike!

Originating in India, early Polynesians introduced ginger flowers to Hawaii via the early Polynesian migration route. Now both wild and domesticated varieties can be found making this colorful Hawaiian lei. Ginger flowers can be sewn or braided together to form single and double-strand leis as well as combined with ti leaves to achieve varied looks. Ginger flower lei are universal and worn by both men and women; red lei symbolize passion tolerance wealth while white symbolize love affection – traditionally given away at Aloha Tower as part of travelers’ departure as souvenirs from their trip!

Micronesian Ginger (Zingiber officinale) flowers come in vibrant hues of red, yellow and white – creating stunning leis which are beloved keepsakes from Hawaii trips as well as welcoming guests who visit Hawaii for the first time. Hosts traditionally present these fragrant gifts to visitors as a mark of hospitality!

Cooling packs are strongly advised when shipping these delicate blooms during summer months; this will keep them cool enough so they arrive in perfect condition and ensure safe transport. This service is free-of-charge and can be added during checkout.