Goddessnadia – Witch, Alchemist and Clairvoyant

Goddessnadia is a 7th-generation Shazaam Witch, alchemist and clairvoyant who utilizes love spells to assist people in finding their ideal partners. She claims her spells are grounded in white magic, only intended for positive purposes and cannot be used against anyone or used against oneself; furthermore she can assist individuals overcome misunderstandings or pride that prevent their relationships from improving further.

Nadia’s tale begins in Lake Malawi where she lives as a small white cichlid fish named Nadia who observed humans passing by and their strange ways, wanting to know more. One spring night, Diana the Moon Goddess noticed this and decided to help this fish.

As Nadia transforms into a water nymph, she revels in her new form: long black hair that sparkles under the light of the moon and blue-white wings that flutter like butterfly wings. Additionally, she boasts large breasts and has lips designed for kissing.

Nadia’s love potion can be purchased in the Psychic Shop and she can be found at Full Mast Bar. Once purchased, bring them over to Nadia at Library where she will offer up her 1st Heart for you in return!