Greatgaia – A Feminine Cabernet Sauvignon


Greatgaia Cabernet-based red wine hails from Clare Valley’s Greatgaia vineyard site and stands as an outstanding example of how quality wines can age when grown in an ideal climate. This wine features finer tannins than usual Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignons; perhaps reflecting more feminine gods who inspired its production.

Greek mythology portrays Gaia as the original earth goddess and mother to all living things on her planet, including humanity. She symbolizes fertility on Earth and can often be depicted with full figure features reminiscent of her fertility symbolism. Gaia had many conflicts with Uranus her husband – the greatest among which being her marital discord. Cronus, Gaia’s youngest son, devised a plot against his father that led him to imprison them both in Tartarus. At Gaia’s request he devised an overthrow plan designed by Gaia herself that eventually succeeded in dethroning Kronus himself. He hid in her chambers until Uranus entered, feeling aroused by their passion, and struck them with his sickle. Uranus cut through their genitalia causing blood to flow everywhere and the Furies (Alecto, Tisiphone and Megaera) and Giantes (giants) emerged.

Gaia foretold that her son would overthrow his father and rule the universe in his place, marrying his sister Rhea as part of this plan. Their descendants later engaged in battle against Hecatonchires and Cyclopes to become Titans; this 10-year conflict is known as Titanomachy.